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VA Rising Energy

Noise Poison Records is proud to release this double VA after a long awaited time. It's the 1st compilation of miloWATT who put together a powerfull mix of well known artists and some fresh newcomers.


CD 1


01.antagon - ewasdjreiuew 161-175-164

02.Paralocks - Travel Agent 171

03.Oxidaksi - Northern Lights 176

04.Le Druide - Homo Stelaris 175-178

05.Mimic Vat - Quantum Goblins 178

06.Gotalien - Nancy 185

07.Arcek - Paranormal Voices 196

08.Opus Summum - Two Heads ahead 184

09.Cosmo - Cromatograph 180

10.Xandoz - Poco 187


CD 2


01.Bombax & Paralocks - Counter Productive 172

02.Oxidaksi, Furious & Insector - Sky Net 175

03.Loose Connection - Obscure Angels 178

04.Cosmo - Run DMT 178

05.Dark Whisper - Perpetual Motion 193

06.Insector - Raiders 186

07.Xandoz - Xanthotoxin 183

08.Parandroid - Let the dawn come 191

09.Kashyyyk - Se Vale Tudo 180

10.Will O Wisp - Puzzle Symphony N9 190


Masterized by Furious


Thank you all for your support and have a blast!



 The digital format is available now on bandcamp.

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